Festival tickets 2011

As of January the new VAT price hike from 17.5% to 20% will hit absolutely every single thing you buy (apart from food, but don’t be surprised if your local corner shop bangs up the price), and outrageously this includes tickets to festivals. We know, we know, these should be free tsk.

With this impending doom nearly apon us, three of the festie big guns have opted to release early bird tickets beating the VAT increase. That’s £10 saving per weekend camping ticket peeps. A woo and a hoo! Tickets for each go on sale on 3rd December at 9am and you can find all the details you need at...The Big Chill, Latitude Festivall, Reading Festival or Leeds Festival.

No acts have been confirmed for the festivals but you’d be a fool not to expect to see Pulp at one if not all of them, maybe.

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