Feudal state

This week has been a nice week for petty feuds between self-important egomaniacs, so much so that I can bring you two examples of girly verbal bitch slapping from its traditional world of Hip Hop and also the arthritic landscape of Dad Rock.

As Bruce Springsteen's right hand man and member of the E-Street band Steve Van Zandt has a certain influence in AOR circles, so when he calls you a 'waste of space drug addict' you sit up and take notice. That's you, Bobby Gillespie. Put the needle down and pick up the phone.

'I tried to get Primal Scream to come over to America several times,' he said. 'Their agent talked me out of it, he said “the can't do 20 shows.” I'm like, “Come on, man. We do 20 shows a month.”'

'I don't have patience for it. I'm like, all right, you want to be a drug addict, go be a drug addict. Don't waste my time.'

Meanwhile Hip Hop stars 50 Cent and and Rick Ross have been insulting each other in the most mature way imaginable; Fiddy has been making suggestive videos with Ross' ex-girlfriends, while Ross said '50 Cent's not straight, he's a fag, he's gay.' Presumably while putting his thumbs in his ears and sticking out his tongue.

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