First Cheryl, next Nadine & also Nicola?

Ok, so they stormed the charts way back in 2001 and became the most successful UK girl band ever but now it seems that Girls Aloud, whilst currently contractually obliged to produce another six albums as a band, can't stop themselves from working on solo projects, the Metro Online reveals.

Speaking at the launch of her latest range for her Dainty Doll make-up line - for women, who like vampires, must shun direct sunlight - Elizabeth the First look-a-like Nicola Roberts admitted that she too has been booking in studio time, following in the footsteps of bandmates Cheryl and Nadine, both of which are set to release albums in October.

'When I’ve not been doing Dainty Doll this year, I’ve been in the studio non-stop doing all of my own song writing,' she discloses. 'I would never give up on music. Music has always been the thing that’s been closest to me.'

Way to go Lizzie, I mean, Nicola: entrepeneurialism is the way forward. Just avoid tv presenting and being a loud-mouth. Leave that to Kimberly and Sarah.

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