First Hard Rock Calling headliner announced...

The first headliner for next summer’s Hard Rock Calling event has been announced, and if you’re a fan of bands from Seattle called Pearl Jam, then your luck is in, because it’s Seattle band Pearl Jam.

The mini festival held over 3 days in London’s Hyde Park has been a platform for big name rock legends to showcase their hits in recent years, with; Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, The Who, and Queen all previously headlining.

Pearl Jam have been confirmed to play Friday, June 25 with other acts to be announced at a later date. Rumoured to join the grunge band are; Kings Of Leon and Muse.

And if you think it’s all a little random making this announcement now, then hold your horses because tickets go on sale at 11am this Friday; from all good (and presumably some bad) ticket outlets.

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