Fleetwood crack

Glee have just produced an episode which sees the stars of McKinley High belt out a number of songs from globally-successful band Fleetwood Mac, whose inspiration for their number one album, Rumours, was the constant arguments and break-ups the band was undergoing.

One of the reasons it seems for this underlying tension was Stevie Nicks' self-confessed drug problem, which she blames for damaging her career and for leaving her without children at the present age of 62, the Daily Mail reveals:

'The 62-year-old star has revealed how the prescription drug Klonopin wrecked her life back in 1986, after she was prescribed it following a stint in rehab for cocaine addiction.'

'She now says the drug may have kept her from having children.'

''God knows, maybe I would have met someone, maybe I would have had a baby. That was my prime eight years. That was a big mistake. Everything else was exactly how it should have been,' she added.'

What the future may hold for Nicks is uncertain, but looking back, contributing to one of the world's most famous albums is certainly something of an achievement.

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