Fleetwood Mac joined onstage by Christine McVie

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Fleetwood Mac's show at the London 02 was a chance for the band to revive some old relationships. Former members Christine McVie and Peter Green were in attendance, with McVie joining the band, and ex-husband John, onstage for a rendition of Bill Clinton's old theme tune 'Don't Stop'.

The band were playing three nights at the 02 as part of another money-spinning tour by the creaking dinosaurs. The revenue would not quite be in the league of The Rolling Stones, one of the few bands older than them, but would still be in the seven-figure bracket.

Stevie Nicks had spoiled the surprise a little by confirming a month ago that Mcvie would be joining the band onstage for the last two London dates. Although as she had made the comments on Radio Four's Women's Hour, hard-core rock fans might have missed them.

There was also a dedication to the founder of the band, Peter Green. He left way back in 1970 and the subsequent 43 years have seen Fleetwood Mac move substantially away from his original vision of an authentic blues outfit. The band played a three-hour setlist, with most of the material drawn from their mid-70s to early 80s heyday of Californian romantic complications.

The reviews were mostly positive. Michael Hann in the Guardian wrote that the first hour of the show was "jaw-dropping in its self-confidence," although he suggested that the band dynamic suffered from the absence of Christine McVie. In the FT, the reviewer suggested that the troubled relationship history between Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham remained the focus, while "in waistcoats and flat caps, the rhythm section of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie looked like upscale Wurzels, somewhat baffled by the continuing psychodrama unfolding before them."

Fleetwood Mac follow up the London shows with gigs in Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

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