Fleetwood Mac to tour again

Dinosaurs will walk the earth once more in 2013. Following the news that the Rolling Stones are easing their arthritic limbs back into shape for one last tour (until the next last tour) it appears that Fleetwood Mac will also be hitting the road.

Singer Stevie Nicks told CBS News in the USA that the band were getting ready to tour again, once she and fellow Mac songwriter Lindsey Buckingham finished their current solo projects. "It's the plan," she said "Because that's what we do. I do my thing and Lindsey is out doing his thing now. Everybody's on board."

If that’s the case, everybody might have forgotten to tell the drummer, founder member and let’s face it the chap the band is named after, Mick Fleetwood. The elderly rocker seemed quite sure when he talked to Playboy in March that his touring days were behind him.

"I don’t believe Fleetwood Mac will ever tour again," he said, although he admitted that he kept on rehearsing, because, let’s face he doesn’t have much else to do. His attempt at presenting the Brit Awards alongside Samantha Fox in 1989 is still regarded as one of the most disastrous performances in British broadcasting history and put paid to a career in television.

Now it looks likely that the group that began life as a dull English blues outfit and graduated into a bed-hopping Californian soap opera masquerading as a rock band is ready for one last fling.

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