Flogging a dead horse

It's twenty years since Ian Curtis' death and the end of Joy Division - and the start of the evolution into New Order. But having walked away from New Order a couple of years ago, Peter Hook seems to want to turn back the clock to the late 1970s and wallow in the Joy Division days.

He's already staged a series of concerts playing their classic album Unknown Pleasures in full, with his band The Light (not Monaco, regrettably; that would have been kinda cool). Now, he's recording an EP of four Joy Division songs - 'Insight', 'New Dawn Fades', 'Pictures' and, oh bloody hell, 'Atmosphere' - with former Happy Mondays singer Rowetta.

Yes, that Rowetta. You know the one. The one who was on The X Factor. The one who had a minor hit with her cover of Oasis' 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out.' The one who's been dining out on her loose connections to various Manchester bands for over a decade now.

Rumours that Hooky plans to actually exhume Ian Curtis' body and take it on tour with him are yet to be confirmed.

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