Florence and The Machine announce new record 'Ceremonials'

Florence And The Machine have formally announced the name of their second album, and released a full tracklisting for fans to have a gander over.

The album, which is called Ceremonials, is expected to be released on 31 October, and appeared on the iTunes store as a pre-order yesterday. The video for 'What the Water Gave Me' will be available as a bonus on the standard edition, while the deluxe edition comes with three bonus songs: 'Remain Nameless', 'Strangeness & Charm' and 'Bedroom Hymns'. Fingers crossed it's half as good as Lungs, which is still a regular on our iPod dock thingy.

  1. 'Only If For a Night'
  2. 'Shake It Out'
  3. 'What the Water Gave Me'
  4. 'Never Let Me Go'
  5. 'Breaking Down'
  6. 'Lover To Lover'
  7. 'No Light, No Light'
  8. 'Seven Devils'
  9. 'Heartlines'
  10. 'Spectrum'
  11. 'All This and Heaven Too'
  12. 'Leave My Body'

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