Florence and The Machine announce new single 'No Light, No Light'

Florence Welch has revealed that her band Florence + The Machine's next single will most likely be 'No Light, No Light', after talking with MTV news about the song.

The band have already released 'Shake It Out' and 'What The Water Gave Me' from their second album 'Ceremonials', which is due out in the next few weeks, and the new track will most likely be the last before the record's release.

'It was the first song we wrote for this next record, actually,' said Welch. 'And the intro was written on my tour bus at four in the morning going to Amsterdam. We had gone out for Rob (Ackroyd)'s birthday to an all-night restaurant in Brussels called Midnights.

'We went to this funny restaurant and then got on the tour bus and everyone was a bit drunk and it was like, 'Yeah, let's write a song'. And we recorded the sound of the bus moving, a real drone-y bass sound, and that's the intro, and then the tour bus arrived in Amsterdam; 'Let's go toast this song! We will find a bar that will serve us drinks at 7 in the morning! Come!''

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