Florence gets tarred

Ever wanted to watch Florence Welch swallowed up in tar and melting away to nothing? Well, we’ve all been there, especially when she belts out those histrionic wailing choruses, or tries one of her embarrassing Kate Bush dances.

We can all see it happen in the latest video from Florence and her increasingly marginalised Machine. The promo film for Never Let Me Go finds the singer featuring opposite actor Jamie Campbell Bower from The Twilight Saga in a desolate ice-rink that has a serious problem with flesh-eating tar (those local council budget cuts have a lot to answer for).

The band are releasing a new live album, recorded at an MTV Unplugged show in December in New York City. Welch, the Machine and a 10-piece gospel choir played to an audience that included Kanye West.

Soul and country purists should be warned that Welch attempted versions of the Otis Redding classic Try A Little Tenderness and the Johnny Cash and June Carter duet Jackson, for which Welch was joined by Queens Of The Stone Age singer Josh Homme. If there’s any such thing as a celestial CD player, Cash and Carter will be pressing "skip" on that track.

The live album is a way of sustaining interest in the band in America until they can record some new material. Their last album only came out in October, but, in between bathing in tar, Welch has been thinking about the follow-up. "I'm really anxious to get back in the studio," she told NME. "I need to get stuff out of my head."

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