Florence starts machine up again

Criminally overrated group Florence and the Machine have not, unfortunately, decided to call it a day. Instead, they’re planning chart domination all over again with recording of their sophomore LP (second album in layman speak) beginning in April.

Debut LP Lungs came out in 2009 and was widely acclaimed, with the group’s cover of You Got the Love, while not doing anything interesting with the song, is considered to be the track that launch the band’s career.

The group claim to have written the second album, and hope to record in Abbey Road in April.

‘Work on the second album has begun with producer Paul Epworth and there is talk of booking out Abbey Road for a month in April or May to record. Which is nice.’ guitarist Rob Ackroyd told Gibson.

Talking of the group’s musical taste, he said: ‘Florence's and my taste in music often overlap in harmonious fashion; we're both big fans of hip-hop and American indie. But she's also a big fan of unadulterated pop music, which cuts through me like a knife.’

Does that mean he likes it?

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