Florence talks Brits

It's full steam ahead for the Brits tonight and soundbites are streaming in from nominees eager to show their love for the homegrown awards ceremony. Yesterday, Coldplay told how they happy they are to be performing at the bash, and today it's Florence Welch's turn for some classic self deprecating Britishness.

She tells The Sun, 'I'm really excited. It's so funny it's come round again so quickly. The first time I did the Brits was the most terrifying experience of my life. I didn't even perform, but every step is like a piece of my history. Winning that first award was completely terrifying and I probably didn't handle it that well.

The second time it was one of the best nights of my life. Winning that first award was incredible, I was so grateful. And then when I went back and did the performance with Dizzee Rascal and won Best Album that was unreal.

I'm really interested to see what will come of this year. I feel nervousness and excitement. I wasn't as scared the second time as the first. I don't think anyone could have been more scared than me. But the second time, I do remember, it's like the great British musical, being backstage and everyone is running around.

'Lady GaGa was there and Lily Allen and Dizzee and Girls Aloud. Everyone's backstage and it did remind me of this big musical that was happening. If I think of it in that way, it helps me. It's still amazing to be invited to these things and asked to participate. I do still feel like it's this big world. It's still quite a nerve-racking place for me.

I always feel like they are slightly taking a chance on me. Every time they're taking a bit of a risk, so I'm always grateful to be invited back.' Ah, the charm of the humble celeb...

Florence is up for Best Album and Best Female.

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