Florence's fear of success

Florence + The Machine have made it fairly big, for a band fronted by an art student who was apparently only ‘messing around’ with music, but does that success make you happy? Apparently not. Florence Welch was battling depression and tried to sabotage her own success in the early stages of The Machine, and of course it was all a man’s fault, wasn’t it? Men eh. (Note: Florence doesn’t say that – Ed.) However, now she’s all tip top and fancy free, and ready to take on the world.

‘About 18 months ago I was in a seriously bad way,' she said, oddly to Grazie magazine, of all places. 'I'd broken up with Stuart (her boyfriend of the time), I felt out of control and very raw and not in a good frame of mind. I'd gone from being this art student messing about with music to this girl with a record deal, magazine front covers and all this hype.

‘In many ways, it was everything I ever wanted, but when it happened all I felt was total, paralysing fear. I couldn't cope with the idea of making the album. I just wanted to sabotage the whole thing, not do it and just disappear.

‘I came back to London for an appointment in the studio. When I started singing, all the bad feelings started to fall away and I realised this was what I needed. I got through that depression, that heartbreak and so many other things with the album, which is why it's so emotional. It's possibly why so many people connect with it.’

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