Foo Fighters Facebook Show

Since U2 and Youtube* struck a deal for the Irish rockers to stream their recent Pasadena Rose Bowl gig live on the video website, a load of different viewing figures have been mentioned; whether it was watched by 1 million or 10 million, it was seen as a great success. Now the Foo Fighters have followed in Bono’s Cuban heels and streamed a gig live on the internet.

To help launch their ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation, Foo Fighters played a one-off show at Studio 606 in California on Saturday (31 Oct) which was streamed exclusively on Facebook. Viewing figures are yet to be released but what was pretty cool was that Facebook users could interact with the band during their performance requesting songs that they wanted them to play.

The only drawback from the event was for UK users; it kicked off at 2am, on a Friday night. Rewatch it here.

*Should have been renamed 'U2ube'.

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