Foo Fighters wake up the neighbours

Foo Fighters have been stirring up protests in Northern Ireland – by playing too loud. After their appearance at the Tennents Vital Festival in Belfast, local residents complained about the disturbance.

Neighbours from a four mile radius of the concert site in Osborne Park said the volume was too high. Eileen Fee told the BBC that the show made her windows shake. "I just thought I was at the concert, that's how loud it was. It was really impossible to do anything else at home."

Councillor Clare Hanna was investigating the complaints. "It was exceptionally loud," she said. "I welcome that we have concerts of this level but we do have to balance it with the right of people to enjoy a quiet night at home. Most residents understand that people want to enjoy a night out but a second night at the same level might provoke a few more calls." The Stone Roses were due to headline the second night of the festival.

The issue of noise levels has been a contentious one this summer. In London the concerts at Hyde Park have been dogged with concerns about noise levels. A show by Bruce Springsteen was cut off suddenly because he had gone past the curfew. Blur’s recent show to mark the end of the Olympics was marred by low volume levels, with many concert-goers leaving early because they were unable to hear the band.

The Foo Fighters follow up their show in Northern Ireland with festival appearances at Reading and Leeds.

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