Foo’s covers album

Hey! It’s hard to believe but before the age of t’internet, to listen to a new album you had to actually get up off yer fat baboon and go to something called a ‘record store’. Yeah, we know, mental isn’t it? Anyway, some nostalgic lovies now commemorate the old-way-to-buy-music with the annual Record Store Day.

This year, to encourage people to visit a music shop the Foo Fighters are to release a vinyl only album. Titled ‘Medium Rare’, the album is made up entirely of cover versions including tracks originally done by Pink Floyd and Wings. Record Store Day is on April 16th, and here’s the full track listing...

  • 'Band On The Run' (Paul McCartney and Wings)
  • 'I Feel Free' (Cream)
  • 'Life Of Illusion' (Joe Walsh)
  • 'Young Man Blues' (Mose Allison)
  • 'Bad Reputation' (Thin Lizzy)
  • 'Darling Nikki' (Prince)
  • 'Down In The Park' (Gary Numan)
  • 'Baker Street' (Gerry Rafferty)
  • 'Danny Says' (The Ramones)
  • 'Have A Cigar' (Pink Floyd)
  • 'Never Talking To You Again' (Husker Du)
  • 'Gas Chamber' (Angry Samoans)
  • 'This Will Be Our Year' (The Zombies)

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