Fran Healey’s gig cancelling is no travesty.

Remember Travis? Yes, me too. Well, the frontman of said group, Fran Healy, has cancelled a bunch of solo gigs over in North America over a supposed ‘personal issue’, saying that he needs to ‘spend some time’ with his son.

Last month the singer pulled shows in Montreal and Quebec, telling fans: ‘Hey my Canadian friends, so sorry I had to pull these shows. Some personal stuff came up which meant I had to make the hard decision to abort the gigs. I will return. Full refunds will be given.’

Fine. But Healy also cancelled a show in Austin, Texas on Sunday just two days before the gig, insisting on his website: ‘There were no two ways about it.’ Now the Scottish musician has axed yet another performance in Carrboro, North Carolina on Tuesday to be with his partner Nora Kryst and their four-year-old son, Clay.

Writing on his website, the singer tried to draw a line under growing concerns. ‘So everyone this is seriously the final cancellation,’ he writes. ‘Everyone is asking what the personal issue is. Please don't worry, It's not any life or death situation, it's just that I need some time with Clay, my son. He and Nora are in New York waiting for me.’

‘The past week has been the hardest I have had as a parent so I had to do something about it. Montreal, Quebec, Carrboro and Austin I will make it up to you. Atlanta and Boston will go ahead and also the full band show in New York.’

Sounds good. See you there.

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