Frank Sidebottom R.I.P.

Unless you’re a 6 year old still at primary school you probably haven’t ever found a proper use for papier-mâché. But for Manc comedian Frank Sidebottom that wasn’t the case, quite the opposite in fact - a papier-mâché head was his bread and butter, or to be more precise...his paper and mush.

According to reports, the legend - real name Chris Sievey, died yesterday after collapsing at his home. He had been diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. His alter-ego Frank Sidebottom rose to prominence in the 80s appearing on TV shows such as The Word performing his comedy take on well known songs. He also has a radio show where the likes of Caroline Aherne got her first break with famed creation Mrs Merton.

The news comes even more as a shock as he had only released his charity World Cup song 'Three Shirts On My Line' last week. Watch Frank Sidebottom perform the track below...

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