Frank Turner not a fan of Imagine

Libertarian folk singer Frank Turner has spoken about his dislike for John Lennon’s utopian anthem 'Imagine'. The song regularly crops up in lists of all-time great singles, but Turner is not a fan.

"It's always grated on me as a song for a whole host of reasons," he told AV Club: "The production, the lyrics, the sappiness, its popularity, the knowledge that Lennon was so much better than this one song, and yet it's the one most people know."

Turner thinks that the former Beatle’s career contains far more impressive work than the 1971 solo single. "Some of his stuff is transcendental," he stated. "As I said, that's one of the things that annoys me about the song. By his standards, it seems almost lazy to me."

He also questions the sincerity of the lyric. "There's a pretty high dose of hypocrisy in here as well. For a man who had a dedicated, refrigerated room in his New York penthouse apartment for storing his fur-coat collection to sing 'Imagine no possessions' takes a fair amount of chutzpah."

Perhaps he might also object to the song’s adoption as an anthem by anti-capitalist protest groups. The Guardian recently uncovered some old quotes about the Old Etonian Turner’s own political leanings, including the admission that, "I do firmly believe that leftist politics lead to the misery of many, the crushing of the little guy and all that kind of thing. I mean, it's important for me to say that in public because I believe it strongly.”

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