Freddie Mercury voted the Ultimate Rock God

Freddie Mercury has been voted the Ultimate Rock God in a new online poll. The former Queen front man beat Elvis Presley and David Bowie in the survey carried out by onepoll.com.

The ultra-scientific study quizzed over 4,000 people, and while Freddie came on top, it looks like there were a lot of 80s poodle rockers amongst those surveyed as Jon Bon Jovi is in third place.

The Top Ten reads as follows: 01 Freddie Mercury 02 Elvis Presley 03 Jon Bon Jovi 04 David Bowie 05 Jimi Hendrix 06 Ozzy Osbourne 07 Kurt Cobain 08 Slash 09 Bono 10 Mick Jagger. No Iggy Pop!?

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