Freddy's stalker jailed

When Freddie Mercury prematurely left this mortal coil 20 years ago it’s fair to say the musical world came to an almost complete standstill. Queen had an impressive career which reached dominance thanks to the axe-wielding skills of Brian May and most importantly the flamboyance and song writing skills of lead warbler Freddie Mercury; a truly first class entertainer.

But according to the Metro, one female fan out there is a bigger Queen fan than most, so much so that she took to stalking a Freddie Mercury lookalike who fronted a Queen tribute act. Marie Lewis of Ebbw Vale was so obsessed by the lead singer of Under Pressure that she travelled the country to see them live and sent him abusive letters including one that featured a tarantula skin with the note: ‘I Hope this scares you’.

The stalking became so intense that the woman was arrested and yesterday appeared in court where she was sentenced to 8 years in jail.

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