Free stuff

We've been bigging up Vampire Weekend's new album Contra ever since it was announced way back when we hadn't heard a note of it. So confident were we that it would deliver the same pop delights that their eponymous debut (that means it's called Vampire Weekend, dunces) that we were willing to bet a whole Mars bar on it being ace.

Now you have the chance to sample it for yourselves, as the New York indie fops have plonked the entire album onto their MySpace page through the modern magical wonder of streaming, meaning we can all listen to it for free, without anyone from the moral police trying to tell us to pay for it. Get back losers! It's like totally hip and groovy to take someone's work and not pay them for it, yeah?

The album will be released on 11 January, so if you want to perform some dastardly internet trick and rip it from their website like the heartless pirates you are, get cracking. But don't expect anyone to feel any sympathy when the police find you and put you in prison FOR EVER. By the way they're also going on a UK tour next month, so make sure you go and see them, right?

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