Friendly Fires' saxophonist dies

Friendly Fires are one of British hottest young bands: there latest album Pala scored critical and commercial success, and things were generally looking up.

However they recently lost their touring saxophone player Richard Turner, who died at the shockingly young age of 27. Turner was swimming in a South London pool last Thursday when he suffered a cardiac arrest, and the band have paid tribute to him on their website.

'On Friday we learnt of the sudden passing of Richard Turner,' they wrote. 'Rich played trumpet in our live gigs on and off for three years. He was an utterly exceptional musician and his contributions to our shows will be hugely missed. He was also an accomplished and admired composer.

'On tour he was much envied for his ability to fall asleep at will, however uncomfortable the bus, plane, car or train. RIP to an unbelievable musician and friend.'

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