Friends reunited

Pulp are back on the festival trail this summer, and have revealed that the main reason for their reunion was the death of a close friend of theirs.

News of the reunion first surfaced in November last year, and frontman Jarvis Cocker claimed that the loss of someone close to the band informed their decision.

‘I think that had a lot to do with it,’ Jarvis said. You suddenly realise you can't take things for granted.’ The guitarist Mark Webber added: ‘I always thought we'd do something together again eventually, but when he died, I realised [we] should maybe grasp that opportunity.’

On Wednesday Pulp played their first live give since 2002, and this weekend go on to headline Spain’s Primavera Sound festival. Jarvis told BBC 6 Music that nerves have started to creep in:

’I've had a few anxiety dreams already,’ he confessed. ‘The favourite is usually wandering through a festival, then looking at your watch and realising you should have been on stage 10 minutes ago.’

Always good live, the return of Pulp to festivals this summer, with the band due to appear at T in the Park, the Isle of Wight Festival and the Wireless festival, can only be a welcome thing.

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