Funky Franco

James Franco is a man of many talents. As well as taking on inspiring roles in a vast array of Hollywood films, mostly involving moments in America's 'civil rights' history, the star of 'Howl' and the Spiderman movies has produced a book of short-stories whilst completing a degree in English Literature.

Now, the actor will be trying his hand out in the world of music, we learn from Music-News, collaborating with one Kalup Linzy, a notorious drag act performer.

'The idea behind it came when Franco invited Linzy onto the set of soap General Hospital where Franco himself was doing somewhat of a meta-acting gig.'

'They've since been performing cabaret style covers and tunes and will release their debut EP Turn It Up on the Dutty Arts label.' The first two singles will be called 'Rising (Both Sides Now)' and 'Turn It Up (So We Can Turn It Out)'.

What next for Franco? Heading up a multi-million dollar business, in true Donald Trump style?

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