GaGa Armani

Lady GaGa has signed a contract with fancy pants Italian fashion label Giorgio Armani which will see the pop megastar trussed up by them for her upcoming ‘Monster Ball’ tour.

The series of shows, which start in December, will most likely see the current Queen of pop go for her most ridiculous outfits yet, and getting your hands on a multi-million dollar deal for the privilege of having Armani let loose on your wardrobe can’t exactly be a massive hassle, can it?

‘A huge company like Giorgio Armani has the duty to always be alert to trends and what appeals to young people,’ said Roberta Armani, head of VIP relations at the fashion house. ‘It helped to see how the world is through Lady GaGa, the way she uses Facebook and Twitter.

‘It wouldn't be possible to give GaGa a look from the collection because she wears pieces of art.’

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