Gaga cries over her brown eyed inspiration

It seems the thrill of the live performance and the extravagance of her costume-wearing exploits may be taking its toll on fashionista performer extraordinaire, Lady Gaga. The singer, famous for her walking homage to eighties fashion, epic Tarantinoesque videos and addictive pop riffs, faltered and cried on stage on the first night of her second UK Monster’s Ball tour in Nottingham.

After dedicating her song Brown Eyes to her sick grandfather, the star of hits Poker Face and Bad Romance appeared visibly upset and asked her fans to sing loudly alongside her, so that he might be able to hear them. Gaga has previously come under fire before for suffering from stress, collapsing on stage in New Zealand on her worldwide tour. The sheer scale of her performances, involving elaborate set design, gigantic costumes and pyrotechnics don’t seemed to have deterred her though: for this second set of tours, she claimed not to 'give a f**k' that her team were talking her out of using a stage four times the size of the one she previously used.

Go for it Gaga, we’d expect nothing less from the pop queen.

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