GaGa for The Antiques Roadshow

Barely a day goes by when there isn't some sort of daft story relating to Lady GaGa, so thankfully we're able to pass another day by without disappointing anyone: it's been revealed that the wacky new Queen of Pop just loooooves The Antiques Roadshow.

For any young 'uns out there who haven't come across this programme before, it's a show in which people, usually old, hawk their family wares in front of a valuer (and the cameras), hoping for a big score. Mostly they go away finding out that nanny's clock is a fake and worth less than a tenner, but every now and again you find someone who's going to make a few grand at an auction. Why does GaGa like it? Why not listen to some PR who fed the story to a tabloid?

'Lady GaGa is really into her antiques so British pals thought she might be interested in the programme,' a source said. 'It went down a storm and GaGa hasn't stopped watching the DVDs. She loves how the old people think their antique is a bit of tat but ends up costing thousands. It's right up her street.'

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