Gaga gets gooey over Christmas

Lady Gaga’s cover version of White Christmas hit the record stores (the few that remain) a month before Christmas. Traditionalists don’t have too much to complain about, although Lady Gaga has written an extra verse to the cursory classic.

The singer complained that the song was too short. "It's such a beautiful Christmas song but it's only one verse," she said, "so I added an extra one." Presumably, back in 1942 Irving Berlin bashed out the tune and thought, "that’ll do for now, maybe some kooky broad will write another verse in 70 years or so".

The song is part of an EP called A Very Gaga Holiday, also containing versions of Orange Coloured Sky, You And I and The Edge Of Glory. None of them very festive, you’ll notice, but perhaps we should be grateful for small mercies. The irreverent Gaga might have been tempted to sex up Silent Night, or chuck some dubious innuendo into Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

The Christmas cover version emerges in a week in which Lady Gaga tried to sneak one last eccentricity into a very successful year, by making a "pilgrimage" to Amy Winehouse’s house to pay tribute. She went in disguise, which must have taxed the Gaga wardrobe skills.

Lady Gaga has announced that she is planning a duet with Elton John on her next album. We now picture her striding around Gaga Mansions in a fury clutching a copy of the new Kate Bush album, which features, guess what, a duet with Elton John, and asking "How was this allowed to happen?"

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