Gaga goes back to her roots

Despite receiving some heavy, and some would say ill-founded criticism from M.I.A. about how easy her ascent to fame has been, Lady Gaga recognised how far she has come recently by visiting the sight of her first ever gig, the Metro Online reveals.

Taking a trip to the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, Gaga visited Alan Pierce and Gary Miller, who took a chance on the young star in 2008 when she was unknown, and allowed her to play a few songs at the site for her first gig.

'They reportedly said they weren't keen, as 'the next Madonna' wasn't the usual type of act to perform there but decided to let her play a few songs.' The rest, as they say, is history and the now multi-platinum selling artist has 'repaid the favour by booking out the roof area [of the bar] as she returned to the city as part of her world tour.'

The managers of the bar were glad to find that fame hasn't changed the global superstar, well known for her wacky dress sense: 'She was nice and wonderful now, as she was before she became a big star.'

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