Gaga snaps up Michael Jackson memorabilia

What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga? One is a wacky and needy pop star with a massive worldwide following of obsessive fans, a host of neuroses about their appearance, a fondness for lavish promo videos and a penchant for spending huge amounts of cash on tasteless tat. The other was Michael Jackson.

If anyone was going to spend $1 million on Michael Jackson memorabilia it was always going to be Gaga, whose shopping habits live up to her name. She snapped up no fewer than 55 items of Jacko memorabilia in a recent Los Angeles auction at a total cost of just short of seven figures.

Items now in the Gaga collection included the studded leather jacket worn when Jackson was trying to convince us he was Bad and the spangled white glove he wore to protect him from germs and human contact.

Apparently she has plans to set up a gallery devoted to the late, strange King of Pop. She tweeted: "The 55 pieces I collected today will be archived & expertly cared for in the spirit & love of Michael Jackson, his bravery, & fans worldwide." Bravery? It’s presumably a reference to that time when Jackson had to look at Jarvis Cocker wiggling his posterior at the Brits.

One of Gaga’s minions told the Mirror that she plans to put the items on public display, alongside some of her own outlandish outfits. "She loves the idea of opening up a gallery or fashion museum where she can showcase the items that she’s bought," the source said. "As a collection, they’re an amazing snapshot into one of the world’s greatest performers and someone who she admires greatly. Gaga is all about flamboyant stage wear and she also archives all her creations once she’s worn them."

From Wacko to Gaga: An Archive of Pop Lunacy. She can have that exhibition title for free.

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