Gaga's hair-raising offer

Fans of Lady Gaga, and Lord knows there are enough of them, will be delighted to hear that she’s offering a brand new promotion for those who haven’t yet bought her album, or those with a bit more money than sense.

For the bargain price of £61.25 you too can own a lock of the world’s oddest pop phenomenon’s hair, as well as a deluxe version (whatever that is) of her album The Fame Monster, 3D glasses (whatever they’re for), paper GaGa dolls (whatever they are) and a book, within which we're not sure what content there is. Probably lots of pictures of her not wearing anything to cover her legs.

Mind you, this is only according to The Sun and there doesn’t appear to be any link on the web anywhere, so it’s probably best to take this story with a large grain of salt. If any more information with regards to this hair-raising (geddit?) story arrives, the denizens of Excite will be the first to know.

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