Gagging for a break?

Fans of Lady Gaga are worried for their favourite pop star’s health after she nearly passed out on stage towards the end of her recent gig in Auckland, New Zealand. As you can see from the video below, Gaga clearly loses the plot during Bad Romance, doing that heavy-eyed lilting that we’ve all done when absolutely shagged.

According to The Sun, although you can’t see it in the video, she performed most of the closing song on her back, prompting her fans to ask her to take a break from her vicious touring schedule. Gaga has been touring the world non-stop for 18 months, and in the last two weeks has been through the UK, New York, Australia and New Zealand. It’s not the first time exhaustion has hit her either: she has already had to postpone dates on the US leg of her tour after passing out backstage, and she burst into tears before the launch of her UK tour in Manchester. Both of which suggest a rest might be in order, no?

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