Gallaghers at war #624

Liam and Noel haven't spoken since Noel stomped away from the band back in 2009, but that hasn't prevented the pair from firing verbal broadsides at each other in the intervening years. The latest comes from Liam, accusing Noel of stealing music that the band recorded together, with a view to releasing it as solo work.

Liam told The Guardian, 'I've heard his fucking new record 'cos I f***ing sung on half of it. F&&king nonsense. When I was in America for Dig Out Your Soul, he swiped some off because he obviously knew he wanted to do a solo album...I haven't seen him since.

Liam continued in an angry vein, 'I'm not arsed with what he's doing. I'm sure it will all be very civilised and grown-up. His gigs will be like those that you can really stroke your chin at. With four rent-a-Scousers wearing shell suits.'

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