Gallaghers finally make some music

Noel Gallagher has announced that he will play at The Teenage Cancer Trust gigs at the Royal Albert Hall in February. The gigs will mark Noel Gallager's first solo performances since his split with Oasis. Watch the full interview with sports channel ESPN here.

The Gallagher brothers are busy. Noel's pudding bowl becoiffed brother Liam recently announced on radio station XFM that his new band's first album, with former Oasis bandmates Andy Bell and Gem Archer, will be released in July.

The full line up for the Teenage Cancer Trust gigs at the London Royal Albert Hall is:

Depeche Mode (February 17)
Them Crooked Vultures (March 22)
Jimmy Carr, Noel Fielding and Rhod Gilbert (23)
Suede (24)
Noel Gallagher (25, 26)
Arctic Monkeys (27)
JLS (28)
The Who (30)

For more information, go to TeenageCancerTrust

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