Gamu Nhengu signs for 50 Cent

Gamu Nhengu was one of the fans’ favourites on X Factor, but was booted off the show in a wave of controversy following her mother’s visa expiring. The usual route for someone who becomes a reality show also ran is straight to the bargain bin, and that’s of you ever end up making any records at all, but Gamu could be an exception to that rule – she’s apparently just been signed by 50 Cent’s record label.

Micro Blog Buzz has reported that the wannabe pop star has signed with G-Note under the name Miss Gamuchirai, with hip-hop mogul Fiddy hoping to broaden his stable of acts at the poppier end of the market.

‘Miss Gamuchirai has been signed to 50 Cent's new record label G-Note,’ they wrote. ‘G-Note will focus on 50's favourite acts that don't fit neatly into G-Unit's hip-hop categorisation and will favour pop and R&B artists.

‘It is believed that many labels have been interested in signing Gamu but G-Note offered the best deal and are best connected to make her dreams reality.’

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