Gangnam Style breaks YouTube record

Enough Gangnam already. The phenomenal success of PSY’s 'Gangnam Style' has gone far beyond its initially amusing novelty to become an all-encompassing pop culture pandemic, affecting every corner of the globe. Even the North Koreans have been practising the moves in between their interminable military parades.

'Gangnam Style' has now overtaken popular music’s previous inexplicable phenomenon, Justin Bieber’s 'Baby', as the most-watched video on YouTube ever, clocking up more than 808 million views. Its popularity is not showing any signs of waning. It is still claiming six million views per day.

Add in all the parody videos and it is apparent that PSY’s little dance ditty has inspired over a billion YouTube views. Before the internet video site took over of course, the success of a song was usually measured in global sales. 'Gangnam Style' is no slouch in this department either, topping the charts in more than 30 countries including the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Canada.


Those prepared to sacrifice a little of their dignity to cash in on its success include President Barack Obama and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. Part of its universal appeal is the relentlessy cheerful character of its chubby creator, PSY, aka Park Jae-Sang.

He is as surprised as anyone by the success. "The YouTube video never targeted foreign countries," the 34 year-old South Korean singer said. "It was for local fans. My goal in this music video was to look uncool until the end. I achieved it.”

The rest of the world has embraced his lack of cool, with countless TV appearances on chat shows around the world. Even Oxford University invited him to lecture on the Gangnam phenomenon. PSY has the aspect of a one-hit wonder, but in fact is threatening, sorry promising, to release a new track, with lyrics in a mash-up of English and Korean.


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