Gary Barlow's Greatest Hits

Gary Barlow has written more songs than anyone would be able to recount both for himself, for Take That and for numerous other artists (for some, maybe more songs than they would wish!). He has now announced that after 14 years he is to release another solo album. We take a look back at some of the greatest songs he has ever written.

For Take That

As lead singer and the main songwriter for Take That there is certainly a selection of songs to look at – if you are a Pop aficionado there are plenty that stand out. Tracks such as Never Forget, Love Ain’t Here Anymore, A million Love Songs Later, Pray, Why Can’t I Wake Up With You through to the return of Take That in 2006 with singles such as Shine and Patience.

For Himself

Gary Barlow has actually only ever had two solo albums before his 14 year silence, both were released in the late 1990’s. Many critics would have mixed feelings for the solo offerings that emerged but there was moderate commercial successes with the singles Forever Love and Open Road from his first solo album Open Road and Stronger and For All that You Want from Twelve Months, Eleven days his second album.

The third single due to be released from Twelve Months, Eleven days, Lie to Me was cancelled by his record company but critics argue this was the best material he had written.

Barlow did release an album last year in commemoration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with the notable hit single Sing.

For Other Artists

There is a mammoth list of artists that Gary Barlow has written songs for. The question being have there been any good ones or did he keep all the best for himself and Take That? Well To Love Again, co written and performed by Alesha Dixon was a Top 20 hit and Guilty, performed by Blue made it to Number 2 in the UK charts. He co-wrote A Little Too Late with Delta Goodram with had success in the Australian charts and with his “mate” Robbie Williams he co-wrote Candy, a UK number 1 last year.

Will his forthcoming album be a success? With his profile at an all-time high given his status as X-Factor judge he is certainly in a better position to capitalise this time around.

Forever love

Let me go

Love won't wait

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