Gary Lightjaw

Gary Lightbody, lead singer of MOR mediocrities Snow Patrol has revealed that he has been singing with a dislocated jaw for eight whole years, which if anything has raised them at least two notches up on the ‘Respect-o-meter’. Notwithstanding their propensity for making godawful bed-wetter music, of course.

‘I busted myself up pretty bad,’ Lightbody told the Daily Record (check out the comments below, by the way; very funny). ‘My eye closed over like a beaten boxer and I lost some teeth, which I got replaced - waking up in a hospital bed with only one eye and the worst hangover I ever had is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

‘Because of my previous night's behaviour to the nursing staff, the only thing they wanted was rid of me so there were no head x-rays taken,' he explained. 'Let me be clear right now, I am not annoyed with the nurses at all - I'm only ashamed of myself, not annoyed with them.

‘A few years after that incident, my jaw started to get sore and has been a source of pain for years. I have seen all kinds of people about it, my mistrust of western medicine meant, though, that never once did I get it x-rayed.’

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