Geldof hits back at the Live 8ters

A fiery Bob Geldof has furiously defended his 2005 fundraising event Live 8 against critics who claim the show wasn’t a patch on its legendary 1985 predecessor - insisting it was more successful than Live Aid and ‘a better concert’ to boot.

You’ll most probably remember that the former Boomtown Rats singer spruced up his campaign to end global poverty with a whopping 10 concerts around the world in 2005 - on the 20th anniversary of Live Aid.

However, the event drew unfavourable comparisons with the iconic 1985 gig which has led Geldof to speak out against to defend Live 8, which he insists was a huge success.

’Purely in financial terms it's inarguable,’ he tells rock magazine Mojo. ‘Live Aid: £150 million; Live 8: £50 billion, per annum. And if you look at the tapes, arguably it's a better concert.’

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