George Michael denies rift with Liam

George Michael moved quickly to dispel any notion that he was offended by Liam Gallagher. The former Oasis singer had been spotted enjoying a drink at the bar at Michael’s recent London show, rather than staring enraptured at the former Wham! star’s performance.

"Please don't hold it against Liam that he popped off to the bar at Saturday's show," Michael wrote on Twitter. "He's a lovely guy and has always been really friendly to me and very complimentary about my music. He was getting a load of hassle from people who spotted him so it's not surprising he went for for a bevvy."

Gallagher went to Michael’s party after the Olympics closing ceremony. His wife Nicole Appleton is a friend of Michael’s. The couple had attended the Earl’s Court show together, but the tabloids had gleefully reported that Gallagher adjourned to the bar to chat with band-mate Andy Bell after just 23 minutes of Michael’s performance.

Michael’s three shows in London were rescheduled dates after his life-threatening bout of pneumonia in 2011. That experience continues to affect him. He recently cancelled a scheduled tour of Australia due to "anxiety".

"I have tried in vain to work my way through the trauma that the doctors who saved my life warned me I would experience," he said. "Unfortunately I seriously underestimated how difficult this year would be and although I was right to believe that the shows would bring me great happiness and that my voice would recover completely, I was wrong to think I could work my way through the major anxiety that has plagued me."

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