Geri Halliwell, failed pub singer

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Geri Halliwell may have finally come round to the critical assessment of The Spice Girls as a bunch of karaoke pub singers who got lucky. Ginger Spice was recently spotted belting out a few bars of one of the girl group's hits in a crowded bar before being told to give it a rest.

It seems to have been part of a series of dares the Spice Girls are issuing each other over Twitter, presumably in an effort to stave off boredom after general public indifference to their jukebox musical Viva Forever. Halliwell walked into the crowded bar full of men trying to concentrate on football and their horse-racing selections and launched into a rendition of 'Say You'll Be There', one of the group's lesser hits. She was tolerated for about a minute before somebody shouted the slightly ambiguous, "come on, how much do you want?"

Geri, ever the self-publicist, was filming it all, and quickly posted the video on YouTube, presumably the proof demanded by her bandmates. Mel B tweeted: "Just saw your video. Only Ginger Spice could do this. That's why I love you." In truth of course, most pubs in the country can boast plenty of middle-aged women singing off-key, but the Spice Girls have always been about celebrating the commonplace and pretending it is daring and ground-breaking.

It does invite speculation about how much else of the Spice Girls' recent activity has been the result of a drunken dare. "How about we try to ruin the Olympics by standing on top of some taxis and telling the crowd to Spice up yer life?" was a good one, topped only by "How about I get off with Russell Brand?"

Geri recently tweeted her admiration for "original Spice Girl" Margaret Thatcher, only to backtrack swiftly when followers complained, only to lament her own spinelessness shortly afterwards. Maybe give the tweeting a rest for a while, Ger?

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