Germany triumph at Eurovision

Lulu, Katrina & The Waves, Brotherhood Of Man and Bucks Fizz have all done the UK proud, having each won the Eurovision song contest. But it’s been 13 years since our last victory and with every passing year we don’t win, the Eurovision song contest becomes a little more embarrassing for us Brits.

To help give the UK a fighting chance, power pop machine Pete Waterman was drafted in to write this year’s entry. Sadly for him the Josh Dubovie ditty ‘That Sounds Good To Me’ didn’t sound good to any of the judges, scoring a whimpering 10 points and finishing last. This makes it one of the lowest ever scored songs since the first Eurovision song contest in 1956.

But as is always the way, there had to be a winner on the night. Germany were the ones quaffing the champers after their young contestant, Lena romped home with 246 points for her song ‘Satellite’ – giving the country their first win in 28 years. Oh well Britain, on the plus side you can't get any worse next year.

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