Get Back my music

Paul ‘Thumbs Up’ McCartney has apparently got the hump that he couldn’t Get Back (geddit?) the rights to his Beatles back catalogue after Michael Jackson’s recent discreet death.

Jackson bought the rights to the Beatles songs after a tip from Mccartney himself that it was where a huge amount of money could be made. Oh the irony, eh? McCartney had wanted to wrestle some of his most famous songs from Jackson’s cold, dead grasp, but had to Let It Be (snigger) after he was informed that the King of Pop secretly sold his rights to the songs before he died. The swine.

‘The annoying thing is,’ said the old windbag a while back, ‘I still have to pay to play some of my own songs. Each time I want to sing Hey Jude, I have to pay!’ Why don’t you wave your walking stick at us while you’re at it?

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