Gigtastic Manchester

In a closely fought contest, Manchester beat off competition to be voted the UK city with the best live music scene.

PRS for Music carried out the poll, in which they asked 3,000 participants the question: ‘Do you have enough local gigs in your area?’

The city that gave us The Smiths and Oasis came out on top pipping Nottingham, Lancashire and London, with 77% answering a resounding ‘Yes’.

’Local live music gigs are a great way to bring communities together and for people to discover local talent,’ said PRS for Music man Barney Hooper.

‘Manchester has always been a hot contender as music capital of the UK, but we also thoroughly encourage venues in the surrounding areas, such as Derbyshire, to seek local talent and host more live gigs.’

Booby prizes were awarded to Derbyshire and Somerset – though we think there are places in the UK with less going on music-wise. Whaddayoureckon?

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