Gimme your frickin’ money!

With the music industry in famed turmoil thanks to a little invention called ‘the internet’, unless you’re the Madonna’s or Take That’s of this world the only way you’re going make some dollar back won’t be from album sales but from over-priced tickets sales on a mammoth UK tour.

To help assure Britpoppers Cast don’t come a cropper with their comeback album, they’ve take the audacious step to ask for their fans to give money first, to help them pay for the album. The ‘Alright’ warblers announced they are to come out of 90s exile last month with plans to release a spanking brand new long player, so if mediocre outdated indie tunes is your bag, then send over your bank details to pledgemusic.com forthwith. At last count John Power’s men had 33% of their target.

And here’s that mammoth money-making UK tour...

Newcastle O2 Academy (November 24) Birmingham O2 Academy (25) Manchester Academy (26) Glasgow O2 ABC (27) Liverpool O2 Academy (29, 30) Leeds O2 Academy (December 1) London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire (3, 4) Oxford O2 Academy (5) Leamington Spa Assembly (7) Bristol O2 Academy (8) Liverpool O2 Academy (9)

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