Girls Aloud ban alcohol on tour to support Sarah. Hats Off

Girls Aloud have by all accounts banned alcohol from their upcoming reunion tour in order to help support and sustain Sarah Harding’s recovery from alcoholism.

This news should not be underestimated – and it certainly sends the band up in our estimation. Alcohol is a particularly pernicious addiction, compounded by its casual ubiquity, and for the band to address the problem in such a serious and systematic way speaks volumes for them. It is all too easy to forget (or mentally edit out) the potential pitfalls of drinking around an alcoholic before they have fully adjusted back to normality, and on a tour where the other band members will doubtless fancy a tipple, such solidarity is wonderful to see.

In a egotistical pond of manufactured pop – despite splits, rifts and all the rest of it – hats off to Girls Aloud.

A source told the Sun: "The girls have decided to ban alcohol altogether in support of Sarah. She's still dealing with her alcohol problem two years on – and they've decided to ban it out of respect for her. It’s only fair, they don't want her falling off the wagon and going back to how she was after she split from Tom."

The source added that the ban went so far as to apply to all the crew and backing dancers on the tour. The backstage areas will be kept on a strict diet of double Fanta on the rocks and anyone after a wee dram of something stronger will have to go elsewhere to find it.

Harding received treatment for alcohol abuse and depression in 2011 after splitting from then-fiancé Tom Crane. The poor girl lost a hair extension while appearing on This Morning recently and as the tabloids disgrace themselves yet again with voyeuristic howls, we wish her and the band all the very best.

The 'Untouchable' group's tour - rumoured to be Girls Aloud's final begins later this month in Newcastle.

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