Girls Aloud discuss tour plans

Girls Aloud have called a high level summit to discuss their plans for world domination . . . or, failing that, a comeback tour of the UK’s more lucrative arenas.

The Sun reports that the 5 members of the group met in a London hotel to thrash out the details. The fact that all 5 were present is significant in itself, because it meant that Nadine Coyle had been welcomed back into the fold. She had been cast into oblivion, or at least the lesser kinds of gossip mag, since Girls Aloud last performed together in 2009.

The newspaper’s anonymous source spilled some details: "The girls have been trying to organise a meeting for months but have been so busy with solo projects. They were really excited to see each other — even though Cheryl, Nicola and Kimberley meet up regularly. They haven’t seen much of Sarah recently, following her stint in rehab and Nadine has been out of the picture living in LA. Nadine was eager to speak to the girls face-to-face to ensure there is no bad blood."

It might be more complicated than that. Coyle’s solo career bombed, while Cheryl Cole, now preferring to be known simply, if egotistically, as Cheryl, became the nation’s darling after her stint as an X Factor judge. She has even managed to put that awkward business about her assault conviction behind her.

The other members could certainly do with a career boost. The meeting may have been a fairly complex discussion amounting to "what’s in it for me?" The answer, if they can agree a reunion tour for 2013, may be counted in millions.

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