Girls Aloud reunite for tour and greatest hits album

The news of the Girls Aloud reunion tour came as a surprise to few. Rumours of the reunion had been rife on the internet for weeks. The group, comprising Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh, Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle, are releasing a new single and a greatest hits album in addition to playing live.

"We were all getting dressed together this morning and it all just felt really normal, like nothing's changed," Cheryl Cole said during the press conference. "We wouldn't have dreamed we would be here today 10 years ago. That's an achievement in itself."

The new single, Something New, has already been released, with the proceeds going to Children In Need. The greatest hits album will include four new songs, to ensure loyal fans snap it up. "It felt like the right time to come back," Nicola Roberts said, "with it being 10 years since we started."

Girls Aloud formed in 2002, inevitably as part of a TV talent show: Popstars, The Rivals. "I was 19 when we first formed," said Cole. "Some of the girls were 17 when we joined the group. We've grown up together, from teenage girls to young women, so we've all got amazing memories."

The reunion seemed on the cards after Walsh, Roberts and Coyle all appeared at Cole's London solo show. Cole wouldn’t be drawn on whether the tour would be one last get-together before the members went their separate ways once more. "We haven't made any plans," Cole said. "There's so much preparation gone into this that nobody knows yet."

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